Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kissing Flu Shots Buh-Bye

So, the kids and I have been sick for over a month now. We've been through a couple rounds of antibiotics (which have had absolutely NO effect), and I'm now convinced that what we've had for the past month is the flu.

And you wanna know the funny thing about all this??? 4 out of 6 of us had the flu shot!!!!!

I've had it. I'm done. This will be the last year I make my family suffer the flu shot. Boy, won't my kids be happy! Seriously, every year we get them, and EVERY SINGLE. BLASTED. STINKIN' YEAR WE END UP WITH THE FLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think we're the only people I know that even get the flu shot. And we're also the only people I know that get sick from Thanksgiving until Christmas. So next year, I'm gonna do a little experiment and stick it the pharmaceutical manufacturers, and tell everyone I know to just say "NO!" to the flu shot.

Suck on that, Merck!!!

For more flu fun, I've already Googled for your reading pleasure, "flu shot doesn't work." Knowledge is power, people.


shannon said...

My pediatrician has 4 boys and is a friend through our church. I looked him straight in the eye and told him I would do what he says but to tell me if he thinks my kids need the flu shot. He said, "no". He actually talked about my kids being healthy and that it would be better for their immune system in general if they got the flu and got over it (I understand it does not help them with another strain of the virus but it does help their overall immunity). He said that for everyone under the age of two, old enough, he does recommend it. My Mom had a cow. She was sending me the CDC recommendations and telling me my children are going to die of the flu. I trust my ped. and (thank you, God) we have not been sick accept for minor colds, short-lived.

Angie said...

I've never had the flu shot, and I have never gotten the kids one. I will say that I wasn't aware of how serious the flu can be though. I still doubt that I will start getting them. I sure pray that the entire Buckland clan gets well and stays that way.

Stephanie said...

I'm sorry you guys are so sick, the flu sucks. We've been sick the last week & a half but with a bad cold. I'd like to see how your experiment works out next year.