Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Here goes nothin'

In true form, forever slow to get on the boat, I begin my blog. I've been an avid reader of a few blogs for quite some time. A few of my friends have them. And I've wanted to join in the blogosphere for a while but have been rather busy. You see, I am the mother of three kids: Isabel, 4, Josephine, 2, and Oliver, a mere 11 weeks old as I write this. So there. There's my excuse. I'm a baby-making machine. But I have some things, so many things, floating around in my brain on a daily basis, that I thought this might be a good outlet. Hey, it's either this or forever subject my children to hearing me talk to myself. Mind you, the content will probably vary anywhere from riveting topics such as what I think of that new doofus who hosts Blue's Clues (There's only one Steve--but he left our children for punk rock), the latest contents of my son's diapers, Britney Spears' most recent meltdown, and more importantly the salvation of men's souls. Not for the fainthearted, I know. Although, I'm quite certain that as soon as I click "publish" there will be a mass boycott by the blogging community the world over due to some new information that America's heavy blogging activity is the real problem behind global warming. Go figure.

My husband was actually a major influence in my lack of web log participation for a while. Says Ren, "There's just something wrong with someone who wants to have an online diary..." Never one to mince words, that's his view on blogging. So for his sake, I will try to refrain from making it as such. So, welcome. Come on in, and stay a spell. Kick your feet up. I'm sure it'll be a wild ride. That is if I make it past post one.