Sunday, June 7, 2009

Big Weekend

Well, it's Sunday night, literally one minute before midnight, and we are capping off one heck of a weekend. First, my oldest baby, Isabel, graduated from Kindergarten on Friday, and I am now the proud mother of a first grader! Second, my baby sister, Gina, graduated Valedictorian of Apalachee High School on Friday night. That was so incredible. The whole evening was so amazing. Her speech was wonderful. God even held back the rain (it was held outside), and gave us a rainbow during the ceremony. Ren made the comment that it was the nicest graduation ceremony he's ever attended. And last but definitely not least, Abigail turned one on Saturday. I can't even believe it. I am beginning to feel very old all of a sudden.

School's out for summer, although Isabel only gets 8 weeks of summer. That's just not right. So we've got to get busy and have some fun before it ends all too soon.

Time goes by too fast.