Monday, August 6, 2007

Fusion Church Ladies Retreat

Well, we just wrapped up another successful Ladies Retreat at our church. The material we based the retreat around was the Beth Moore study called Loving Well. It was such a great idea for a retreat. The foundational teaching of the study was basically that in order to love well (those around us), we need to first be well loved (by God). It's such a basic and simple truth, but one that is so easy to forget and to neglect. I think it's especially difficult for women. We love to serve, don't we, ladies? We can pour out and pour out until we have absolutely nothing left to give. We must remember to constantly draw from the Living Well, so that we can go on loving well.

Anyway, I'm still reeling from all of Beth's teachings. She's such an excellent teacher. Mainly, though, I was so blessed by all the women on this retreat. I looked around at one point at all the women at this retreat. Many of these women didn't know God when they first came to Mill Creek. But I've seen, firsthand, what God can do to a person's heart. These women are loving, giving, and serving like I've never witnessed before in my life. These women's lives are changed and they live their lives giving glory to the One who's forever changed them. The precious ladies at our church are evidence of the love and grace and power of an amazing Savior. Glory to God!

God bless you, Ladies of Fusion Church! Thank you for another awesome and amazing retreat!