Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lance Buckland

Isabel, my 4-about-to-be-5-year old, has a husband. His name is Lance. That is her choice of words, not mine. Not boyfriend, mind you. "Husband." The object of her affection is a cute little guy in her K4 class. She comes home everyday talking about him. At first, she described him as her "friend." Then one day "friend" became "husband." And now she doesn't hide it, from me, him, or anyone else. She tells me all the time, "Mom, I really love him." At first, I was worried that my poor daughter would get her heart broken. But apparently, he feels the same way about her. He drew a picture on Valentine's Day of the two of them together, on which they both signed their names. I already like the kid, because he's obviously very smart and has excellent taste in women.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, Isabel and I were sitting in the kitchen talking, and she proceeded to tell me that she wanted to move out and get a new family. I tried to hide my hurt, and asked her to further explain herself. She clarified by telling me that she was ready to have her OWN family, one in which she would be the mother, Lance would be the father, and she would have her very own children. I explained to her that this was much more complicated than it seemed. For instance, she would have to change her name to Isabel Johnson (Lance's last name), and that she would no longer be a "Buckland". She then, emphatically and incredulously explained, "Umm, no Mom, you mean Lance will have to change his name to Lance BUCKLAND." I am already praying for the poor kid!

I honestly don't remember thinking about marriage and family when I was this young. I guess Ren and I are doing something right since she, not only isn't freaked out by the idea of marriage, but eagerly anticipates it. Hopefully, we can keep it up. It's funny, I thought that Isabel's first crush would totally devastate me. On the contrary, I actually think it's quite adorable. I guess I'd be scared and devastated if she were talking about moving in with him first. I mean her future is either going to have to involve marriage and family or a nunnery. I am afraid there will be no in-between.