Thursday, August 23, 2007


All I can say about this show is , "Oh my dear Lord." What have we become? Seriously. My kids and I have been seeing commercials for this mysterious show on Nick Jr. for the past month. My girls were captivated by the ads from the get go. So much so that they would rewind the DVR over and over again so they could sing "Party in my tummy" one more time. It just started airing this week and already my girls are hooked. Heck, I'm hooked. This is, hands down, the most insane, freakazoid, creative, entertaining, crack-inspired kids show I have ever seen in my life. Anything else you've ever seen? Forget it. Teletubbies? Mere child's play compared to this show. Banana Splits? More like Banana Splats. I haven't quite yet figured out what the heck this show is supposed to be about. It's basically a tribute to all things pop culture packaged in electric neon candy-coated colors and hip hop music stuffed in a half hour segment. It's sort of what I would imagine to resemble a kid's version of Hell. And yes, that is Biz Markie in the ad. Today's episode featured Hector Jimenez, or "Esqueleto", from Nacho Libre. I'm completely not kidding about any of this. Do yourself a favor and watch this show. You'll thank me (or quite possibly hate me) for it later.