Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's Official

I hereby declare that I 100% unequivocally, passionately, and resolutely hate Christmas. Go ahead. Excommunicate me. Tell me what a horrible person I am. Tell me how angry the baby Jesus would be at me for feeling this way, much less admitting it in print. However, I'd be willing to bet that YOU did not spend your Christmas in the ER. Oh, yeah. Because I did.

Abigail woke up this morning with a 103 degree fever. She's been sick off and on for a few weeks now, and we thought she was coming out of the woods. Well, last night she just got really fussy after we got home from the Christmas eve service at our church. Very unlike herself. We had a hard time getting her to settle down to sleep, and she woke up quite a few times throughout the night. When we awoke this morning, she was on fire. Suspecting it might be an ear infection, we called the pediatrician and she told us to go on to the ER. Apparently it's very dangerous for young babies to have fevers that high. So, off we went to spend $900 and 3 hours of our blessed holiday at the hospital, all for some not-so-very-nice doctor to tell us she was fine and to go home. 'Tis the freakin' season.

So, I've never believed in curses before, but after today I am starting to think that we are under some sort of a Christmas Curse. I keep telling myself that next year things will be better. However, I've been saying that for 3 years now. And each year I tell myself that, and each year I have this sinking suspicion that things are getting worse!

So, as I've decided to not participate in flu shots next year, I am also deciding not to participate in Christmas next year. Can I do that? Is that even legal for Christians? Can I opt out? How 'bout a nice cruise instead? We can just tell the kids that's what the Good Lord and Santa would want us to do.

December 26th, you can NOT come fast enough.


Davis said...

Good gosh! Sounds like Christmas may hate you, too! :-) You guys have the worst luck at Christmas-time. And, yes, I'm pretty sure it's legal for Christians not to celebrate Christmas. I'm reading a book in which it is mentioned that there was actually huge debate among the early church about whether Jesus's birthday should be celebrated at all. As the book is called "The Autobiography of Santa Claus", you may safely assume that our protagonist is in favor of the idea, but apparently a great many (relatively-)early church leaders were against it. You could just call yourselves New Testament Christians!

We are praying for dear Abigail, and I think I'll add "a good Christmas" to my prayer list for you guys for the coming year. For now, though, Happy Boxing Day!

holly said...

go for hanukkah. that's what jesus would do.

Jeanne said...

You know now that you hate Christmas and you are not going to celebrate it anymore,think of all the free time you will have each year. Of course there may be some problems with the children, especially if you don't put up the tree. But say who needs all that joy and light anyway. Sorry happen on your blog and thought you might like a different perspective! Remembering you all in my prayers. God is with you.

shannon said...

no where to go but up, Ange!
even if you run from Christmas, Isabelle will go into your closets and drag it out, as Nora did this year. I was putting Cavan down for a nap and I heard some thuds from a closet. . . I walk in and Nora is under a couple car seats with a big smile on her face. She had found the Chritmas ornaments. She thought she'd start decorating- with or without me.