Sunday, September 28, 2008

An Apple-y Day

This weekend we kicked off our love of Fall with our yearly pilgrimage to Ellijay in Gilmer County, the apple capital of Georgia. Every year since Isabel was a baby, we've gone to Hillcrest Orchards, where we enjoy wagon rides, pig races, a petting farm, watching cloggers, and stuffing our faces with all sorts of yummy goodness. A favorite treat of mine are the hot homemade apple cider doughnuts. Oh. My. Lord. I could eat my weight in those things. And usually do.

This year was the first year we actually picked our own apples. The girls are big enough to help us now. They had so much fun. We were even joined by some friends from church, Aimee and her lovely sister, Zinnia, and their kids. A good time was had by all!

As is also our custom, after visiting the apple orchard, we headed on over to Poole's Bar-B-Q, which, in my opinion, is the gold standard of barbecue. Trust me, you don't get barbecue like this anywhere near here. It's a shame we have to drive almost 2 hours to get it. Then again, seeing as how I lack the inner self-control for things like flan and apple cider doughnuts, that's probably a good thing!


holly said...

ang, isabel and jojo look very uncertain about that bear!:)
i like that pic of isabel picking up the apples. can i use it for my facebook profile picture??(ha ha:))

Wes W. said...

Dang! You guys have some cute kids.

Dang! I miss me some Bucklands.

Angela said...

Holly, isn't that picture of the bear hilarious? Ren took that one. I love their expressions. I can't tell if they're frightened or if they are trying to be cool. The one of Isabel under the tree is great, too.

Awww, thanks Wes. Your kids are pretty darn cute, too. That trip would've been even better had the Whiteners been able to come along!!!

Erin said...

Ange -
You look adorable!! I love your hair length!! Fabulous!! I feel a visit to north Ga coming on. I need to climb into the Marquis and find myself in Buckland country.

holly said...

also the one of ren in the cutout with the pie is great. it looks eerily natural...:)

Angela said...

Erin, if I saw your smiling face on my doorstep, I think I would break down and sob like a baby. That is to say, I would be very happy!!!!

Um, about me looking "adorable," are you sure you're looking at the one of me??? Dear Lord. My hair is short and functional right now. Low maintenance. And thank God for the free T-shirts I get from church. Otherwise, I wouldn't have a wardrobe. That fits.

Tony said...

I love these pictures! You guys look like you're having a blast!