Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Night Brain Dumpage

  • We've had a very busy Thanksgiving weekend. Lots of family. Lots of fun.
  • Hence, tonight was the first night we've gotten all the kids to bed at a decent time in about a week. I am enjoying the silence.
  • The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful.
  • I already have my Christmas tree up. I actually had it up before Thanksgiving. I've never done that before. I'm usually a stickler about that. Last November we had 5 Thursdays, meaning we had another week after Thanksgiving during which to put up and enjoy the Christmas tree. Thanksgiving seemed to come really late this year.
  • I still need to put up the outside lights, but it's been so nasty outside. Wet and cold.
  • Tomorrow's the first day of December. In the words of Charlie Brown, "Good grief!"
  • I made an awesome turkey this year. And it wasn't that difficult. I will definitely be repeating this recipe again for future Thanksgivings. Thanks, Alton!
  • Are you tired of leftovers??? I found an incredible recipe for turkey soup. I made it yesterday and it was a big hit. Whoever came up with the idea for "stuffing dumplings" is a freaking genius in my book. I recommend this recipe wholeheartedly.
  • I sang at church today for the first time in over 3 years. I have been fighting a sinus infection, so I know I didn't sound my best. But I sure had fun doing it.
  • Ren and I watched most of Dane Cook's Vicious Circle today after church. I found it to be pretty disappointing.
  • The kids and I have all had sinus infections for over a couple of weeks now. Then, I woke up today from my afternoon nap, and my eye was red and full of gunk. Nice. So was the baby's. And so was Josephine's. Thank God we have pink eye drops already on hand.
  • I know this is completely freaky and will potentially gross out several of my readers, but I found this to be quite an incredible tidbit of information.
  • My dad is home visiting us for a week. He lives in Detroit due to his job. It's always nice to have him home with us.
  • "Yo man let's get out of here. Word to your mother."


holly said...

ok well with the pink eye bit, i think as a youngster if i saw my mother's mammary gland expressing itself into my eye, i might be scarred for life. i mean depending on how old you are, proportionwise that could be like a blimp disaster plummeting toward your face.
i'm thinking put some in a dish, syringe it up and then drop it into your tots eye. can you see someone at the doctor's in a booth or something curing the village of pink eye?? ho ho ho! getting a start on my christmas humor. :)

Angela said...

LOL!!! Holly, you crack me up. You're totally dead on with the being scarred for life bit. I had the same thought about pumping some out and then using an eyedropper or something. That sounds much more civilized, doesn't it??? I seriously don't even know how one would manage holding a wiggly infant/toddler still enough with one hand and expressing with the other, aiming for a target as small as one's eye no less!