Thursday, August 28, 2008

Disney Channel Temporarily Sucks

Apparently, Disney Channel is still on their summer schedule. And now that we no longer have Dish Network and are subsequently DVR-less *sniff*, we are subjected to watch whatever is determined by the powers that be in TV Land. It's hard times over here at the Buckland House. I have Jo, who will be four in November, and Oliver, 20 months old, at home with me. And the baby, of course, but she doesn't really pack in any substantial television watching at her age. That being said, I am not loving the programming schedule they currently have running. I started to worry that it might be permanent. But now I know it's only temporary and oodles of preschool shows will be returned to us the second week in September. Thank God, because right now we are subjected to hours, and I mean HOURS, of Hannah Montana and Zack and Cody. I believe I may have somehow stumbled into Hell.

Don't get me wrong, I am not anti-Hannah or Zack and Cody. I'm sure my kids will be avid viewers of these shows or something akin to them when they are a little bit older. But I am in no hurry to get my babies into watching those shows right now. Again, I'm sure they're wholesome teen shows, and if you let your kids watch these shows, I don't judge, yo. Just put them on at a more suitable time, is all I'm sayin'. Oh, and Nick Jr. is no better. Right now they're airing back to back episodes of Spongebob Squarepants. I like Spongebob, but the humor is a little over my toddlers' disproportionately over-sized heads.

I browsed around Disney's website in search for someone to whom I could send a "friendly" email, but didn't have any luck. Maybe they are completely out of touch and think that everyone in America has a DVR...Oh wait, maybe they do. Or maybe I just need to get of my lazy duff and get the kids outside more. And shut up and be patient until September 8. But for now we are forced to watch PBS. And I really don't know how much more Caillou I can handle.


Stephanie said...

I know what you mean. And with all the rain this week it's been hard finding things to watch. I can't stand SpongeBob or Caillou!!!

holly said...

we live on pbs..

holly said...

those long toothed zack and cody twins-blea!

Wes W. said...

Popular shows the Whitener girls:

Word Girl
Higglytown Heroes
Pinky Dinky Doo
Super Wow

Actually all those shows are pretty good, with the exception of Super Wow, which is just okay. Though you haven't lived until you've heard Lucy sing the Super Wow theme song. But they all 4 have pretty good theme songs. Word Girl is also pretty funny, I have to say.
And, it also has a killer theme song.

Angie said...

It's PBS over here in the Hipps household (we don't have the Disney channel). PBS is showing re-runs as well. In September they are starting a new series called Sid the Science Guy. I am looking forward to cooler weather so that we can spend some more time playing outside at the park.

Erin said...

When our DVR has gone out over here, it has been a crises akin to Hurricane Katrina. I feel for you.

Becoming Me said...

LOL...We love World World and Super Why on PBS---My 4 yr old also LOVES between the Lions. Caillou's voice bugs me so I try to avoid him, but Curious George and Clifford aren't too bad...Also on Sept. Disney is starting a new show called Imagination Movers...Also, TLC has some cute shows in the morning like Magic School Bus and Wilbur...
Oh, we do not watch as much TV as it looks like from this comment...I just know what's out there. LOL

Angela said...

We love us some PBS. In fact, I was going to write a while back how it seemed that PBS was the only kids network with any quality kids' shows these days. But that was before I found out about the summer scheduling. Just missing some variety is all. Especially since we have no DVR.

Holly, "long-toothed"??? That one made me LOL.

Wes, the girls love all those shows, too. Though, Oliver is seriously missing him some "Yo Gabba Gabba." They also like Super Why and Word World. Word World cracks me up.

Angie, ditto on the cooler weather!

Erin, we got rid of Dish Network b/c we already are paying for cable since we have cable modem. It's already being piped into the house. But, with the loss of our Dish Network, we also had to return the DVR we were leasing through them. That was the only reason we were even staying with them.

Becoming Me, thanks for stopping by and commenting! We can't wait for Imagination Movers. They look like a slightly less goofy version of The Wiggles. The girls like their web page at Playhouse I'm amazed how easily and quickly one can become a connoisseur of all things kid-related after becoming a parent!

holly said...

what IS a dvr??

Angela said...

A digital video recorder. Have you ever heard of Tivo??? Tivo is just the name brand of one particular DVR. It records all your shows and let's you play them back whenever you want to watch them. It's sort of like a giant mp3 player for cable television. In my humble opinion, TV is just not worth watching without one. You are no longer a slave to what's on at the moment and what time you have to plop down in front of the TV.

Amy said...

Awwww...Holly doesn't know what a DVR is.
We haven't had ANY TV since the end of January. We do, however, have lots of Sesame Street dvd's and "There goes a Bulldozer," "There Goes a Monster Tuck....a Tank, and Airplane, a Firetruck...." Oh my word, you name it, and "there it goes" at my house. I don't know how much more construction I can watch for entertainment. There is talk around my house (not from me) about getting TV back in time for the Fall line up. I DO NOT want it back. What a time suck.

Oh, um, excuse me, I have to go spend two hours on Facebook. ;)

Brandy Thixton said...

If I here about a little porous guy who lives in a pineapple under the sea, I might just go nuts! I'm with you! Bring back Wonderpets, Backyardigans, WINNIE THE POOH, forgoodnesssake.

I think, perhaps, it is all a scheme so everyone will have to go buy DVR's. =)

P.S. Thanks for your sweet comments. They really meant a lot.

holly said...

i HAVE heard of tivo--only bc of ruth lebo. when she first said she had tivo i thought she said "tevas".