Monday, June 23, 2008

Life with 4, 5 and Under

We're a little over two weeks into this crazy parenting gig we've gotten ourselves into. And there's no turning back. Even though Ren and I have always said we wanted at least 4 children, and we wanted to have them close together, honestly, it's rather difficult to imagine oneself caring for this many small children at one time. I know, we should have planned and prepared ourselves a little bit more. It boggles my mind when I think of the sheer magnitude of tiny people running around this house at any given moment. We are our own day care center. At times, it even appears that they are multiplying. They seem to be coming out of the woodwork. One will leave the room, and suddenly 2 or 3 or more suddenly appear! In fact, they're a lot like Mogwai. Remember them? They deceptively cute and fun and snuggly upon first introduction. But there's something about getting them wet and feeding them after midnight that turns them into these bad boys. What's even funnier is when friends with little ones come over to visit. It's like one big, energetic, attention span impaired, sassy, K4 infestation.

Basically, my day consists of playing short order cook, wiping multiple tiny hinies, not showering until 4 PM, rescuing the baby from imminent danger posed by her siblings, and watching hours of children's programs. I would be lying if I said this is how I imagined what my life would be like back in high school. I probably imagined something a wee bit more glamorous. But, it is what it is. I know this time won't last forever. They'll all grow up too fast, and when I'm an empty nester I'll be wishing they were all back home pestering me. Unless of course, Ren and I win the lottery. Then we'll be cruising the world, and we'll be too rich and too busy to miss this crazy biz.

Here's something worth pondering: Someone pointed out to me the other day that when Isabel (#1 in birth order) is 25, Abigail (#4) will be 20! How the heck is that even possible? I think we're going to have to win the lottery. Either that or they're funding their own way through college.

Abigail is 17 days old as I write this. She is spending more and more of her day awake now, and she is still just the sweetest, loveliest, and most easy going baby ever. I guess God gave her a good talking to before she made her entrance into this world!


Angie said...

You really have an adorable clan of children. It will be real interesting to see how things change around your household as the kids get older. I imagine that it is going to be awesome and worth all the work and sacrifice that you have put in when they were small. Your family is precious.

shannon said...

They all look pretty happy to me, so whatever you're doing, it's working! Little Oliver looks so grown-up, now. And that is the beauty of a big family, right?. The children help each other grow up and into caring, loving people (able to deal with just about any kind of person because they had to learn and live with 5 other very different personalities all their life).
thanks for sharing the picture of the whole clan!
So, are you happy for your body that it's over? It's over, right?

deWeb said...

that's a great picture! glad to hear that your crew is doing well. and when ella goes to college and bumps into a dude named oliver and thinks he's good looking, but weird... well, whatever.

good to hear (read) your news.

Amy said...

You are so AWESOME!
Hee hee....I read your status on Facebook and imagined you sitting on the couch, baby vomit, drool, what-have-you, on your person, possibly now shower for two days or so wondering "where has the hotness gone?" I laughed to myself and thought, "This IS the hotness." Can a woman ever be more WOMAN than when she is surrounded by her tiny hinies?? I'll say it again---you are awesome and I am so proud of you. I can't wait to sniff Abigail again soon.
Love you!