Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Good Laugh

Well, we've all been battling some nasty bug over here at the Buckland house for the past week. Hence my blog posting dry spell. Ren got sick first, and then poor little Oliver followed suit. Ren and the boy spent their Saturday at one of those doc-in-a-box facilities. Although Oliver tested negative for the flu, the geniuses that work there told us he has a "viral infection"...Uhhh...I'm no doctor, but isn't that the FLU!?!?!?!? Fever, chills, aches, sore throats, stuffy noses, me stubborn, but that sounds like the flu to me. Then, as we just discovered, thanks to Google and some good old fashioned trial and error, the medicine they prescribed for my poor guy hasn't been working. It contains phenylephrine. Not familiar with it? That's the stuff with which they replaced all the over the counter medicine containing pseudoephedrine. And, if you've been unfortunate enough to have been duped into buying these products (as well most Americans probably have), you know that it does NOT work!!!

So, a couple hundred dollars later, and my son's still not really able to sleep all that well, and he can't drink his bottle without gasping for air. We've been giving him the placebo medicine along with all the typical congestion-relieving techniques: humidifiers, vapor patches, warm showers, etc., but to no avail. So, yeah, it's been a fun week.

Currently, our house is strategically outfitted with about 52 boxes of the good, expensive (not the Laura Lynn brand, now!) kind of tissues with the lotion squished into them. They feel good on your nose, but leave a kind of greasy residue on your fingers. Isabel just informed me that we've bought Kleenex with butter in it. That gave me a good laugh. I needed it. This is also the child who once informed me that a used Kleenex should no longer be called a Kleenex, but a Dirtynex.


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holly said...

what's up with the sickness cycle ang????
jenni was diagnosed with "hand foot and mouth" disease and can't work for a week. huh?? she said, "of all the people you think might get hand foot and mouth disease who do you think it might be? as if my life isn't humiliating enough..":)
hope you're feeling well

Angela said...

Thanks, Holls. Poor Jenny. Yeah, we've been through the ringer over here. Since December, we've had two bouts with the flu, the nasty rotavirus (stomach bug), and various head colds and sinus ailments. However, we are all on the mend here, feeling MUCH better, and finally getting some sleep! Praise God!