Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More on Children, and That's Not a Play On Words!

I have had children on the brain a lot these days. Maybe it's because I am expecting. Maybe it's because I have so darn many of them as it is. We currently have 3 of the little buggers, and another baby bugger on the way, due in mid-June. So come summer time, we will have our hands full with, count 'em, 4 buggers, ages 5, 3, 18 months, and larva. I have heard several kind people say in the past that God must be pleased with how we're raising our kids, and therefore, keeps blessing us with more. However, I am beginning to see holes in this theory. The inverse simply can't be true, that God takes kids AWAY from people that are sucky parents??? Maybe if they're Charles Manson. I've known incredible people, that for whatever reason, have lost children. Job is one example that comes to mind, and God Himself called him blameless and upright. No, I am beginning to believe that this is just how many kids it's taking to finally make Ren and I half-way decent human beings. I wonder how many more it's going to take…

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