Monday, September 3, 2007

Alive & Well

Well, I survived the weekend! Yesterday went pretty well. Nobody threw tomatoes or anything, so that's a good sign. Actually, I felt the most comfortable teaching yesterday than I ever have. Obviously, the more you do something, the more comfortable you feel doing it. But I talked about prayer yesterday, and that's a subject that I am pretty passionate about. It's easy to talk about something you care a great deal about. It was also pretty easy to prepare for something like that. As I prepared, I really sensed God's grace. It's not easy preparing and giving a sermon while caring for the needs of your family. My hat's off to all pastors out there who do it every week. Although, I had an experience out in the parking lot that few pastors have ever had to deal with (okay, well, maybe some of you have). Right before I got out of the van, I noticed this foul smell coming from the back seat. I got my 8 month old son out of his car seat, and lo and behold he'd filled his pants. Lovely. So, minutes before giving a sermon, I changed a dirty diaper out in the parking lot at church. That will keep you humble, my friends.


Wes W. said...
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Wes W. said...

Whoops, tried to edit my post and deleted it somehow...

Yay Ang!! Congrats on your first sermon. I wish we could have been there. Not for the diaper part, though.

I'm sure it was awesome. (Again, the sermon, not the diaper.)


Wes W. said...

Whoops again,

Erin reminded me it wasn't your FIRST sermon. Seems I've made a mess of the comments page. So sorry, but anyway, I'm really glad it went well.

Angela said...

Thanks, Wes. At first glance, when I saw the deleted comment, I thought it was some anonymous person thinking that women shouldn't be preaching had come and posted an angry comment and then decided to erase it! Imagine my relief when I realized it was just you. I gladly welcome your errors! :)

shannon said...

I'm sure your kids are the most proud of you! I am, too.
Being out of town together for the fist time without the kids (ever in five years), Ronnie and I realized how easy life is without them and how easy it is to plan things and execute them with grace.
Juggling poop and lofty thoughts and plans is not easy. That's the beauty we, as parents, bring to the table. The humble reality. And the love that keeps us going, despite all the poop and the little time to plan.