Friday, March 23, 2007

Reason #937 I Love MuteMath

That's right folks. This is MuteMath's brand new video for "Typical". Tomorrow night I will be seeing them live. They never disappoint. If you ever have the chance to see them live, do not, I repeat, DO NOT miss the opportunity.

I just read somewhere that they had to learn the entire song backwards to make this video. Pretty impressive if you ask me.


holly said...

these are a busy group of guys, what with practicing calastenics, and singing their hearts out every other night..

Tanya said...

MuteMath pleasures me no end!

holly said...

ang malange, it was great to see you and g, even if we were sweatified and smashed together, and i almost ate that guy's ponytail..only for the sake of good music i tell you do we do these things, stand still for hours closer to perfect strangers than we get to our next of kin!
i had to find ruth and so sorry i got separated from you too! i also knew when i didn't see you that you had a hungry little guy waiting to see you!
love you much! holly